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Houston, United States
I've recently moved in with some house mates at Bracken Ridge, but have not gone out much outside of work. I was raised in a country town (Ceduna SA) with old fashion morals and values. My friends describe me as an honest, friendly, open and reliable person. I'll try anything twice (just to make sure I didn't like it the first time). If you would like to know more then please drop me a line, but until then hereís a poem I thought you may enjoy -

Story Tellerís Creed
I believe that Imagination is Stronger than Knowledge,
That Myth is more Potent than History.
That Dreams are more Powerful than Fact,
That Hope always Triumphs over Experience.
That Laughter is the only cure for Grief,
And I believe that Love is Stronger than Death.
Looking for
Someone to share life's experiences with and enjoy each others company. I'm looking for a person who knows what they want and isn't afraid to say it.