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Fairfield, United States
I'm an easy going, deep, soulful, tolerant and understanding person. I'm quiet and shy by nature, but once in the bedroom its a whole different story.

I'm able to view things from many different perspectives and I can adapt myself to 90% of all sexual scenes and social situation. I can always cater myself to your needs and moods, however, if you can't respect mine, then don't ask me to cater to yours.

I'm friendly, clean, intelligent and very keen to please. I'm also very approachable, willing to talk about anything and everything, so if you like what you see then msg me and find out as much as you like.
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I like deep, soulful and interesting people. If you only swim in the shallows, you best not swim into my depths.

I don't like to narrow down what I'm looking for in a partner too much, for I feel most people have their own unique and enticing qualities. But having said that, shallow, selfish and egotistical people don't float my boat. My world is free and magical, and I choose not to pollute it with these type of people.