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Fairfield, United States
I am a young 19 year old university student. I'm a loyal and trustworthy guy. I like cycling and have been doing it since primary school at a limited competition level, that is mainly at club level. I am about 6ft or about 182cm. I am white, have brown hair, blue eyes and I don't drink or smoke.I value honesty very highly. I like the colour blue and I don't have any pets but I used to. I've hardly travelled but one day I would like to get out and see the world and take a few trips to some famous locations. I'm currently studying for a double degree in information systems and information technology at Deakin University. I have a part time job as a check out guy.
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I am looking for a girl who is between the ages of 18 and 22 to have a serious committed relationship with. I like a girl who knows what she wants and who is as committed to me as I am to them. I like honesty and trust and think that for any relationship to work these are very important traits to have. I am not really attracted to a girl with piercings or tattoos but depending I may be willing to look the other way. Must be reasonably attractive and I would prefer a non smoker and someone who only drinks socially. I'm really looking for a mature, honest and caring gal who I can have fun with and who can open up my shy side and show me a good time. I am generally not fussy about body as long as you're not too overweight. Personality is important to me and I'm not really looking for a one night stand but a long term relationship all going well. Not really interested in women too much older than me but can be a little bit older. A like a girl who loves being hugged and I like a girl who is not afraid to show her emotions. Most importantly I want someone who is just willing to be themselves and be upfront and not be someone they're not.