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Fairfield, United States
Well not much to say, i enjoy makin ppl smile n laugh, im cheeky at times, have a sense of humour (i think) enjoy the country life, love me sports, enjoy a drink or few with good company, prefer a quiet night in rather than a wild night out (yup im gettin old) but most of all i love the way we are all unique in our own ways, we all have some sort of signature (not ya drivers licence type either) oh and the super natural/paranormal, hmmmm i did have a bit to say after all
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not too fussed, someone who enjoys playin some sport on spur of moment drunken bbq type scenario (i tend to do that alot), can talk aswell as listen, enjoy a healthy debate (a fun argument), isnt afraid of speaking their mind or the truth cos after all a spades a spade and if ya call it anythin else then ya just deceiving