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Male/Female or couple, 3some’s 4some’s & moresomes for casual sexual encounter’s with on a regular basis, we aren't looking for commitment or extra baggage, were very comfortable with each others sexuality, so you should be too, were not super models, far from it, were a real couple down to earth, easy going, and realistic, people that know us...would describe us as odd at times depending on our circumstances, sometimes extroverted, sometimes were not, but what we lack in public, well we make up for in the bedroom. But our heads are screwed on properly? & we do, do normal things we have two children doing the normal house things.....He's described as, average build, 5'10, 39, hazel eyes, short brown hair, earring in one ear, a couple of tattoo’s, D&D free, condom friendly into most things, considers himself to be 'top'. She's 5'5, 43, ample weight, 12 -14 c, long mousy blonde hair, blue eyes, fair complexion, fun loving attitude, loves to have a laugh - very weird sense of humor, a general nutter, sees the funny side to everything, he's more reserved, likes to sit back and see what's happening around him.
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Looking for: Not super models that's for sure, far from it, but you need to be D&D free, non smoker, social drinker...(we don't want to have to carry you out the door though)...average weight/ height aged between 18 - 65, social, easy going, with no hang-ups. Comfortable with your sexuality, and looking for a long term friendship & relationship. We require that you are discreet/open minded and very laid back with our meeting if your interested? . Give us a tingle...

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