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Like most of today’s men and women, you and your dating partner. Almost guaranteed to fall into what I call singles the “Functional Relationship.” One that lopes along OK, but with dating sites for meet singles in my area declining energy and connection, emotionally and sexually.

That’s because most people learn a way of relating within romantic and sexual relationships that is a version of teenager romance. “But I’m an adult,” you may protest.

We are socially conditioned into intimate relationships that are basically extension of the teenager experience. Few realize it, because most don’t learn any other way. And that’s a big problem, because teenager romance is incompatible with building a relationship. That is the features of normal teenager romance shapes and defines most of the expectations, behavior, and experience about romance and sexuality that you carry into your adult life.

Take a look at some typical features of teenager romance: Short-term intense excitement from a new partner. Infatuation of the new love, often followed by dating services deflation and feelings of loss. Intense longing and yearning especially when the person is unattainable or elusive. “The intense interest one feels in a stranger’s life, the interest the young mistake for love.” The novelist Graham Greene captured much of this in The Heart of the Matter, in which he described.

Emotional commotion and intense emotional-sexual excitement by a new partner are part of what a person experiences when such feelings are new – physiologically and emotionally. That’s a part online dating service of normal developmental experience for hormone-driven teenagers.

It morphs longer to the Functional Relationship of a couple stays together. The reason is that teenager love extended into later life undercuts sustained the energy and connection needed for a long-term relationship. You can see the features of teenager romance in what adults do when they are seeking or forming a new relationship.

In Western culture, our model love has its origins in the middle ages. Back then, Rougemont described in his classic book, Love In The Western World, adult dating romantic love became associated with separation from the love “object.” In effect, marriage became the “enemy” of passion. 

For most, adult expectations, beliefs and behavior in adult personals love reflect much of the same sort of intoxication, tumult, maneuvering and struggle that are part of the adolescent experience. Most of what we call “love” today consists of variations of these adolescent themes: possessiveness, intense longing, chronic desire for newness and excitement, and fear of loss of identity if you “lose” the other. If you are created Sexual relationship then join a free dating sites.

As that initial intensity declines, you become vulnerable to losing interest. Or, you may think that your partner no longer loves you. It becomes increasingly difficult to navigate the changes that occurring within a relationship and within ourselves over time.

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